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In "Considering Horsemanship (Chapters One Through Five)," one of America’s most loved and devoted equestrian writers, Tom Moates, takes an all new approach to thinking about horsemanship. The subtitle sums it up: "A Book of Ideas Inspired By a Decade of Harry Whitney Horsemanship Clinic Journals." Moates revisits the tattered pages of notebooks kept from each of the Harry Whitney clinics he has attended across America and begins each chapter with a quote from his mentor. These sage remarks act as launching points into in depth discussions on the topic of horsemanship. This Kindle book contains the first five chapters offered for a modest price—similar installments will be published as Kindle books along the way and when the book has been completed it will be published in full print and e-book editions. Download Kindle Edition


Six Colts, Two Weeks
A Special Colt Starting Clinic with Harry Whitney


A masterpiece! In Six Colts, Two Weeks, celebrated equestrian author, Tom Moates, walks the reader through the once-in-a-lifetime experience of attending a colt starting clinic with renowned horsemanship clinician, Harry Whitney.
"This ordinary clinic," Moates says in the introduction. "This...would be an extraordinary, singular opportunity to learn from a renowned horseman in a way that may never happen again."

This new title (Volume One) covers the first week. The longest of Moates's eight horse books to date with 290 pages and more than 100 photos, Six Colts, Two Weeks, is a unique memoir that documents how Whitney goes about preventing young horses from developing "people problems" in the first place.

Come along for the fun, challenges, and one-of-a-kind insights from Whitney recounted with inquisitiveness, astuteness, and humor as only Tom Moates can do. Six Colts, Two Weeks is destined to be a modern equestrian classic that no horse library is complete without.

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Passing It On

This much anticipated fifth title in the Journey Into Honest Horsemanship Series includes more adventures from many of the usual suspects--Dinky the Mule, Jubal, Festus, Niji and others are back to add their part in the next installment of Tom's ongoing horsemanship journey. The book also shares quite a bit about Tom's "Passing It On"--that is, sharing with others what he's been blessed to learn from horseman, Harry Whitney. Harry has written a foreword for the book, and as always, it is packed with great photos. Pre-Orders are greatly appreciated because they help to gauge the size of the initial print run. The book is expected to begin shipping in early July. All pre-orders are given top priority when the book is released.

Journey into Honest Horsemanship Series: Part 5

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Going Somewhere

A Continuing Journey into Honest Horsemanship

Tom Moates continues his journey into better horsemanship with the patient guidance of his mentor and friend, renowned clinician, Harry Whitney, in this fourth book of the series which follows A Horse's Thought, Between the Reins, and Further Along the Trail.  Jubal and other regulars return, and meet newcomers like Mister Dinky the Mule, as new challenges abound.  Ride along as Tom crosses 1500 miles of the west with Harry attending clinics and seeing first hand his life on the road.  Enjoy another stretch of this ongoing, epic trail as Tom learns new horsemanship lessons and is constantly Going Somewhere!

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Journey into Honest Horsemanship Series: Part 4


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Further Along the Trail
A Continuing Journey into Honest Horsemanship

Equestrian author and journalist, Tom Moates, returns with more lively and thought provoking adventures in his ongoing odyssey to improve his horsemanship with the patient teaching of his mentor and friend, celebrated horsemanship clinician, Harry Whitney.  This anticipated follow-up to Between the Reins digs deeper into understanding Whitney’s great skill at seeing things from the horse’s point of view through Moates’s own trials.  Familiar characters return to the page along side new folks and horses, as Moates reveals the latest lessons he has gleaned from clinics across North America, horses at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and other equine experiences encountered Further Along the Trail.

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Journey into Honest Horsemanship Series: Part 3


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Between the Reins
A Continuing Journey into Honest Horsemanship

Equestrian journalist and author, Tom Moates, is back with more chronicles of his earnest attempts to improve his horsemanship skills with the tolerant guidance of renowned horsemanship clinician, Harry Whitney.  This follow up to A Horse’s Thought contains fresh equine adventures and insights as Moates tirelessly pursues to understand Whitney’s uncanny ability to see things from the horse’s point of view.  Whether riding at home in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, traveling to audit Whitney’s clinics in various states, or getting bucked off again while riding in a clinic himself--vital lessons unfold in these pages as Moates increasingly comes to a deeper understanding of horses and what goes on in that space Between the Reins.

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Journey into Honest Horsemanship Series: Part 2

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Western Horseman review of Between The Reins:

"In his 2006 book Discovering Natural Horsemanship, writer Tom Moates wrote of his quest to better understand the equine mindset and develop a true horse-rider partnership. His 2009 follow-up, A Horse's Thought, chronicled his efforts to implement into his riding the teachings of clinician Harry Whitney, who has since become a mentor to Moates. In Between the Reins, Moates continues his ongoing journey toward horsemanship enlightenment, sharing lessons learned while riding with Whitney and during horseback excursions into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Moates's home state. Containing 12 chapters and a foreword by Whitney, Between the Reins tells the story of a horseman who has survived the introductory phases of an equestrian education, and is now venturing forward, past the clichés of the clinic scene, in an effort to see the world from a horse's point of view. A skilled storyteller and gifted writer, Moates's ongoing contributions to the equestrian literary canon make for inspiring reading."



A Horse’s Thought A Journey into Honest Horsemanship

Tom's latest book is an extremely rare written glimpse into implementing the teachings of renowned clinician, Harry Whitney. Tom Moates’s popular writings exploring his personal exploits with Niji, Sokeri, and other horses, as he sincerely attempts to improve his horsemanship skills with Whitney’s patient guidance, are regular features in Eclectic-Horseman and America’s Horse magazines. This book combines an abundance of new, previously unpublished material regarding this ongoing odyssey, with recently expanded and updated essays from the magazine series. Inquisitive as always, Moates applies his familiar candid and plainspoken style to probe the depths of very difficult aspects of horsemanship. The results are sometimes wrecks, occasionally triumphs, but always enlightening...and a lot safer experienced on the page!

Read one of the chapters from A Horse's Thought "The Myth of Natural Horsemanship" that ran in Eclectic Horseman Magazine online here or download as a PDF.

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Journey into Honest Horsemanship Series: Part 1

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A Horse's Thought also is available as an e-book for all e-readers and can be purchased at most e-books stores.

Round UP
A Gathering of Equine Writings

Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings, is a compilation of articles and essays by equestrian journalist and author, Tom Moates. Renowned for his inquisitive nature and unconventional approach to the full-time pursuit of exceptional horse based stories, this award winning writer has more then 350 published articles to his credit. In this, his fourth horse-based book, Moates compiles twenty of the most notable of those equestrian works. The majority of the stories originally ran in magazines such as America’s Horse, Eclectic-Horseman, Equus, The American Quarter Horse Journal, and Western Horseman. A couple previously unpublished works are included as well.

In a foreword contributed by A. J. Mangum (creator of The Frontier Project and former editor of Western Horseman magazine) the collection is summed up: “Tom shares his pursuit of answers with a brand of journalism fueled by an intellectual curiosity his peers in the equestrian media would be wise to emulate, providing in the end a wisdom forged by observations, impressions and firsthand experiences.”

Remarkable horses and horse folk alike from an almost insanely wide spectrum of experiences are profiled in this compilation. From tremendous horseback adventures measured in the thousands of miles by such people as notable novelist, Douglas Preston, and Olympic medalist, David O’Connor, to the retirement of Joe, a beloved and long time Professional Bull Riders (PBR) pick up horse, to interviews with ranch women, Texas day work cowboys, Hollywood horse wranglers, and a vet pioneering innovative wound healing technology—Moates covers all this and more, now rounded up between two covers in: Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings.

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Discovering Natural Horsemanship: A Beginners OdesseyClick here to order from Eclectic Horseman

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Discovering Natural Horsemanship chronicles one man’s obsession to get better with horses in a gentle way. Author Tom Moates’s life and work were on a horseless path until serendipity brought Niji, a sorrel gelding, into his life. Nothing has been the same since.

In his candid and plain-speaking style, Moates shares the honest highs and lows that come with the territory of starting out in the Better Way with horses. Along the road, many well known clinicians—including Harry Whitney, Bryan Neubert, Linda Parelli, John Lyons, and Ray Hunt—generously tolerate his thirst for helpful information on getting better with horses, and Moates works hard to share their wise words in this book, alongside his personal experiences attempting to implement them.

Sometimes humorous, often inspiring, and always resonating with authenticity, Discovering Natural Horsemanship is an awesome read for anyone who loves a great true story, whether horses have knocked you from the regular orbit of your life, or not . . . yet.

Excerpt from the book:

“The sun on their fuzzy winter coats warmed them that morning to complete tranquility. All three stood, each with a rear leg cocked, in a sun coma when I got up there around eleven. Saddling up Soke went with ease, and I rode her down the farm road and over to the house just fine. Soke and I had been going for rides away from the other two for several weeks now in preparation. Even the still-nursing colt was fine when the mare was absent for an hour at a time, perhaps a testament to Niji’s babysitting skills. Just as the house came into sight, we saw Terrie’s green F-250 pick-up and gray two-horse trailer driving down another farm road toward the house from the other side. Sokeri changed. I felt the change. The sensation was not just in her body—which did stiffen, her head raised with ears focusing on the trailer—but was also in the energy field around her, which included me. She became electric, like the air just before a storm.”