news from the homestead: July 25, 2024

Harry Whitney and Lauren Gruber's horse Jenny work to move cattle out of a pine grove at last year's Virginia Bible/horsmemanship clinc.

Things have been busy around Spinning Sevens Press and the Moates homestead recently!

At the press, we have an exciting new book project both published and in-process.  Considering Horsemanship, A Book of Ideas Inspired By a Decade of Harry Whitney Horsemanship Clinic Journals (chapters one through five) is now available for immediate download on Kindle.  I have decided to publish this book in five-chapter installments on Kindle for $2.95 each, and when the book is completed, full print and e-book editions will be made available.  The first installment of this unique title has done very well, entering the Amazon Best Sellers List for Kindle horse books at #1 and cracking into the Top Ten off-and-on ever since.
         Also, with the recent release of the Kindle edition of Passing It On, all of the Journey into Honest Horsemanship series books are now available in Kindle editions.  And, the most recent book, Six Colts, Two Weeks, was released recently in a Kindle edition, as was my first horse book, Discovering Natural Horsemanship.

         Eclectic Horseman magazine has been offering special web exclusive features for a number of years now, and I was astonished to realize I have contributed 35 of them!  You can enjoy the entire list of mine for free online here: and the entire E-H article archive from a range of writers is easily accessible by clicking a tab on the top toolbar of that page.

         In 2016 I enjoyed teaching many horsemanship lessons and clinics!  I am currently looking to add some new clinics and clients to my list.  If you would like to host me for a clinic, host a book signing, or have a lesson, feel free to get in touch by e-mailing me:  Also on the schedule, we have been hosting the Harry Whitney/Ronnie Moyer Bible/horsemanship clinic in Virginia for a decade now and we have set dates for this year which are:

1st week Sunday August 20th - Thursday August 24th.
2nd week Sunday August 27th - August 31st.

For more info on riding or auditing this clinic which is held in Floyd, Virginia just e-mail me at the above address.


Many folks know we lived off-grid exclusively with solar power here on the Moates homestead for a decade. 

More recently we have a grid-interactive solar power system.  Now, we’re breaking ground on our new solar array!  It will be a 3kW system consisting of 48 solar panels and a grid-tie inverter.  I’ll post a few photos here and have more regular updates on our facebook page (  Also, feel free to sign up for my totally random newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the sign up box at the bottom of this page which will have some updates on the solar power progress, as well.

         That’s about it for now.  2017 looks to be a big year on the publishing front around here.  More installments of Considering Horsemanship will be coming out, as will the release of the print edition of Six Colts, Two Weeks volume Two.  I hope to be announcing that we’ll be publishing some other authors’ titles this year, too.  I might even have a surprise book announcement soon (it’s coming sometime before too long)—so stay