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Harry Whitney

deserves a huge thanks for putting up with me.  I’ve gained a tremendous respect for him as a horseman and clinician. The progress I’ve made with horses has been guided by his capable teaching, and I am extremely grateful to him for that.  The new book, A Horse’s Thought, recounts my horsemanship adventures and specifically how his teachings helped to shape my improvement with horses. Harry also wrote the foreword for both books. I urge everyone to go see Harry.  His website is:, and has all you need to know about his clinic schedule and contact information.

Emily Kitching

initially got me in touch with The Lyons Press which brought about the situation that eventually became the book deal for Discovering, so she is forever connected to my success as an author and has my sincere gratitude for recognizing the potential of my early ideas for the book.  In fact, she was the first to publish an equine essay of mine, period. She also is sole distributor for my new hardback book, A Horse’s Thought.

Aside from editing and publishing the fantastic, one of a kind, non-glossy Eclectic-Horseman magazine, she also designed and hosts this website.  She, and her husband Steve Bell at Eclectic-Horseman Communications, have been incredibly professional, readily available, and have made the uncharted territory of getting together a website...well...easy.  They do amazing work, and anyone that knows me knows I support independently owned businesses like theirs, where when you need tech support, it is actually one of them who answers the phone!  It’s a miracle in this age, and I constantly and wholeheartedly recommend them to people for web work.  So, thanks to you Emily and Steve!

Jessie Shiers

edited Discovering, and I was extremely lucky to get such a capable and interested editor, who also is a horse woman.  The book definitely lost the rough edges due to her hours of work on the project.  Jessie has a few books of her own, and she has a website:

 Ross Jacobs and Michèle Jedlicka

are good friends and awesome horsefolk and clinicians.  Ross has a new book out, which is a fantastic look into the kind of horsemanship I love through fiction, called Old Men and Horses. I met this couple at Harry Whitney’s place in Salome, Arizona, but they have a horse training facility in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia.  So if you’re Down Under looking for clinics and trainers, or are curious about a great new book, be sure to look them up.  Their website is: