Clinics and Lessons with Tom Moates


I delight in helping horses—and, helping humans help horses to achieve greater relaxation through improved communication and relationships with one another.


The clinics and lessons I teach do not involve a set, cookie-cutter program.  I am of the firm belief that horses are individualistic in their needs and that there is no one-size-fits-all or five-steps-to-the-perfect-horse program that fixes all horses’ troubles.  On the contrary, I assist a great variety of horses and people, across a wide spectrum of horse breeds and disciplines.  I strive to match my teaching to the unique situation of the horse and human to be most beneficial to both, wherever that leads.  And I enjoy having plenty of fun with folks and their horses along the way!

My teaching career grew out of my writing career.  For many years, and still today, I study tirelessly with my mentor, horsemanship clinician Harry Whitney.  Over years of publishing books that share my experiences of working to implement Harry’s teachings with many different horses, folks began asking me for help with their horses.  Teaching clinics in the U.S. and Canada has followed in the years since, as has a steady stream of regular private lessons.

As a writer first, I discovered that in order to write about the often difficult and nebulous realm of horsemanship, I had to have my own lessons and understandings straight in my head.  A great deal of work over many years writing down all the helpful material I could to share with others, I discovered, readily translates into face-to-face teaching.

From Dressage to driving, trail riding to trailer loading, working a cow to simply relishing the joys of improving the relationship between you and your horse for the day-to-day basics of life—regardless of what you want to do with your horse, I’m available to share my knowledge and experience to help you get a horse to become a more willing partner.

Contact me to line up a lesson or discuss hosting a clinic at: